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I am a POW/MIA Family member. And, like dozens of other families, we want to know what happened to our loved ones. By deliberately ignoring and destroying evidence of live American POW's, Senator Kerry as chairman of the 1991-1993 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs has denied us that opportunity.

In my brother's case, Major Pete Matthes along with seven other crewman were shot down in Laos on 24NOV1969. Although the government claimed everyone perished in the crash, Enemy Records show that only five pilots died and Pete's secret authenticator code(GX2527) was found in 1992 outside Dong Vai Prison in North Vietnam.

       When John Kerry's Courage Went MIA ... Senator John Kerry was a navy lieutenant in the Vietnam War. But he was not so courageous more than two decades later, when he covered up voluminous evidence that a significant number of live American prisoners perhaps hundreds were never acknowledged or returned after the war-ending treaty was signed in January 1973.
       Legal Misconduct and Possible Malpractice in the Select Committee - Memos of John F. McCreary ... Therefore, I am obliged, as a matter of law and under pain of discipline by the Virginia State Bar, report you my knowledge of misconduct and possible prima facie malpractice by attorneys on the Select Committee in ordering the destruction of Staff documents containing Staff intelligence findings on 9 April 1992 and in statements in meetings on 15 and 16 April justify the destruction. On 9 April 1992, the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, in response a protest by other members of the Select Committee, told the Select Committee members that "all copies" would be destroyed. This statement was made in the presence of the undersigned and of the Staff Chief Counsel, J. William Codinha, who offered no protest.
       The MIA Cover-Up ... Seeking to normalize relations with Vietnam, President Clinton,along with supine politicians and a feckless press, would like the public to forget the MIA issue. But evidence continues to emerge that far more men were left behind than has been reported--and that some may be alive today. Sen. John Kerry, the committee chairman, told one of the investigators that if the report ever leaked out,"you'll wish you'd never been born."
       AWOL on MIAs ... John Kerry and I have a past. He once said an article I had written was "filled with lies, distortions and fabrications," and that in publishing it The American Spectator had "done a disservice to the nation." The article, "The MIA Cover-Up, in the February 1994 issue, had mentioned Kerry only in passing, however, and wasn't really about him. It was about the methods used by government agencies, especially the Defense Intelligence Agency, to discredit reports that American servicemen had been abandoned in Southeast Asia. It also stated, and offered abundant evidence, to prove: [that] America's MIA-POW policy has been disfigured by denials, half-truths and evasions... For two decades, a cover-up has been in progress, sustained not so much by conspiracy as by government ineptitude, a bureaucratic unwillingness to draw obvious conclusions from incontrovertible facts, and a failure of national resolve. It is now certain that we left men behind in Southeast Asia -- not nearly the handful we now unofficially acknowledge in Laos, but in numbers reaching well into the hundreds in Vietnam.
       FRANCES A. ZWENIG - NORMALIZE TRADE AT ANY COST! Almost immediately upon assuming his responsibility as head of the Select Committee, Kerry began a personal campaign to remove the POW/MIA question as an obstacle preventing billions of dollars in trade between the U.S. and Vietnam. He and his staff director, Ms. Frances Zwenig, secretly scripted the testimony of important Department of Defense witnesses and met with Vietnamese officials in Vietnam to coach them on how to write off American MIAs as dead on paper without any physical evidence. After Kerry told USA Today, Nov. 24, 1992, that Vietnam should be "rewarded" for "extraordinary cooperation" in resolving MIA cases, news wire services reported Vietnam had "awarded" the "first real estate license" valued at $900 million to Kerry's cousin, Stuart Forbes, chief executive officer of the Boston based Colliers International. Zwenig had opened the door for normalized trade relations with Vietnam and a new career for herself. Zwenig now has a six-figure position as Vice President on the U.S./Vietnam Trade Council, a front organization established in the U.S., which works closely with Vietnam's Communist Party State Committee for Investment. The Trade Council is funded by conglomerates such as Lippo, which lobbies furiously against any U.S. laws perceived as hindering investment in Vietnam's cheap oil and slave labor market.
       A Wound That Won't Heal ... The Select Committee was split between those who wanted terminate the issue of live POWs, and those who wanted keep looking regardless of where the chips fell. The committee's chairman, Senator John Kerry (D-MA), was assuredly not in the latter camp. Former POW Eugene "Red" McDaniel, a retired Navy captain who has labored long to gain accounting of fellow servicemen, is not alone in noting the committee was reluctant to get into the issue of living Americans. Senator Kerry, Captain McDaniel told THE NEW AMERICAN, was for lifting the trade embargo with Vietnam before the committee's work, during it, and right now as well. Kerry also helped "script" the DIA for its testimony, McDaniel noted.
       ANOTHER LOOK AT OUR POW/MIA'S IN VIETNAM: WHAT WAS MOSCOW'S ROLE? Mr. Speaker, I rise today to bring to the attention of my colleagues an article published in last Sunday's Los Angeles Times magazine, entitled `On the Trail of the MIA's' by Edward Tivnan. The author of this article raises important questions and brings to light details about the POW/MIA issue heretofore unknown. One critical issue addressed in this article is the National Security Agency's role during the Vietnam war in the intelligence gathering and analysis of North Vietnam's radio and signals communications that revealed the capture and subsequent whereabouts of American pilots brought down over Laos and North Vietnam. Based upon the sworn testimony of Jerry Mooney, a former NSA analyst, `the United States Government had abandoned hundreds of American prisoners in Southeast Asia after the Vietnam war.' He also claims, `that U.S. intelligence officials knew not only that Hanoi had withheld American POW's as `bargaining chips' for future negotiations, but also that the North Vietnamese had handed over scores of American airmen to the Soviets for interrogation; 50 or so POW's had disappeared into the hands of the Soviets.' I find this article especially enlightening and apropos in lieu of the expected Senate Hearings next week on the subject of American POW/MIA's left in Southeast Asia. The questions and concerns raised by the author should not be overlooked as they could prove to be extremely critical in the hopeful resolution of the POW/MIA issue.
       Paul Galanti Speaks Out on Kerry... Paul Galanti learned of Kerry's speech while held captive inside North Vietnam's infamous "Hanoi Hilton" internment camp. The Navy pilot had been shot down in June 1966 and spent nearly seven years as a prisoner of war.During torture sessions, he said, his captors cited the antiwar speeches as "an example of why we should cross over (their) side." "The Viet Cong didn't think they had win the war on the battlefield," Galanti said, "because thanks to these protesters they were going win it on the streets of San Francisco and Washington."