Forensic Report, Dr. Levine, D.D.S.

Levine concludes that... "There is no biological evidence that can be associated with an individual with scientific certainty by dental, anthropologic, radiographic or other methods."

Even though Dr. Levine can't identify any dental remains, he says the most reasonable course is Group Remains. Why? There is more compelling evidence that at least one or more of the crew could have survived. The '559' document of enemy shoot-down records indicates that "five of the crew were killed and four short-guns found." Their own interviews with local residents indicate that six Americans were killed by North Vietnamese forces. And, the most compelling evidence is the 'GX2527' distress signal found next to Dong Vai Prison on June 5, 1992.

Dr. Levine also says "It is appropriate to include the removable partial denture which 'probably' had been worn by Captain Brown at the time he was lost." Probably? Where are the dental records to back-up that statement? My brother had many X-rays of his teeth which were in his file. When I talked with the Brown family, they told me that Earl Brown did not have a partial plate. This was one of the items that was never claimed or recognized by any of the family members.