Rod Utech

Colorado POW/MIA Coalition
P.O. Box 40545
Denver, CO 80204-0545

Dear Bill,

I just wanted to thank you for the picture you sent me of your brother Pete. I did send you an e-mail message a while ago but I'm not sure if I had the right address.

In September, I attended a veterans celebration Skidmore, Missouri and used the opportunity as an awareness event to speak to people on POW / MIA issues. One of my proudest pieces in the displays I arranged was a frame of your brother. I included his background, pictures from you and one I had printed off your website, a drawing of the prison garden showing the 'GX2527' and the newspaper article of the "burial" of co- mingled remains at Arlington.

I received many comments and inquiries about Pete and his case. Showing that he is a real person, a neighbor, a friend and a brother and not just a number, I thought made an impact on a lot of people. The facts surrounding Pete, and that there are people who will not rest until the truth is heard, is important for everyone to know.

My plan is to include Pete's frame with me whenever I have the opportunity to address others on our missing men and women. If you have any ideas to make my presentation more effective, I would love to include them.

Again, thanks for Pete's picture. I have made a color copy so should you like me to return the original, I can do so.