Man Of The Cloth
As the minister began the eulogy, my mind wandered back to a conversation I had with him earlier in the day. Actually, it was more like a confrontation. It was about seating arrangements. All of the family members were assigned seats with with their names on the backs of the chairs. As I took my seat, the minister approached to tell me I was to sit in another chair, apparently in the back row with only one chair. I said there must be some mistake because my name was clearly printed on the chair. He said there had been a change in plans. I asked what kind of change? He stared at me with that how- dare- you- question- my- authority- look, through his hands up in disgust and left. Feeling embarrassed and humiliated, I wondered why a 'Man of the Cloth' would do such a thing at this most vulnerable time. Then it dawned on me. I had recently written to the Secretary of the Air Force, protesting the group burial. Apparently, it was decided I should sit in the back 'just in case'. How could a 'Man of the Cloth' be more concerned with where I sit then how I feel? I guess this is just SOP for the DoD and their 'full accounting'.