"RO Walked Throughout All Accessible Parts Of The Immediate Area...There Was No Evidence Of A Symbol Of Any Type In The Flat Areas Surrounding The Camp."

This is not really surprising since the E&E codes are designed to be seen from the air and not from the ground. This was part of AF Pilot Survival Training. Why didn't the RO ask to be flown over the area?

" All Flat Areas To The West Of The Former Camp Had Been Recently Plowed."

Did the RO and the DoD really expect to find any 'SYMBOLS'? Col. Burroughs stated that the E&E code for Pete Matthes (GX2527) could not last any longer than one year. Since GX2527 was photographed in June, 1992, it is unlikely that it would have survived until May, 1993 when the 'walking tour' was conducted. To be sure that no E&E codes were found, the "fields west of the prison were recently plowed."