Bob Thompson, a Former Vietnam Marine, Has Devoted Himself to the MIA's and Their Families
"I felt these people need some help, they just can't do it alone."
  5 AUG 94...Graydon Royce, staff writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, interviews Bob Thompson about his dedication to the MIA cause.
  22 AUG 94...Letter to Star Tribune from General Wold - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense - in response to Graydon Royce's published interview with Bob Thompson.
  06 DEC 94...Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE COUNTERPOINT article based on Wold letter of 22 AUG 94. Wold..."Concerning the alleged 'GX2527' symbol associated with Air Force Maj. Peter R. Matthes, evidence indicates there never was such a symbol on the ground in Vietnam nor is there a correlation between the symbol and Matthes' fate. The combination of letters and numbers in the so-called 'GX2527' symbol is not a valid evader symbol."
  15 MAR 95...Thompson's Response to COUNTERPOINT Article..."One of many threads in this cloak of deceit is the government's cynical claim of openness and public access to documents relating to the POW/MIA issue. The telling reality is that all distress signal imagery remains classified TOP SECRET even as government damage control specialists attempt to thwart any closer examination of what they might contain, which is, according to the Defense Department, nothing."
   The Case For The Life Of U.S. Air Force Major Peter Richard Matthes "GX 2527" by Robert P. Thompson."...the Senate Committee clearly states in it's Report that this symbol "correlates to the primary and back-up distress symbols and authenticator number of a pilot lost in Laos in 1969". The odds of a "coincidence" are astronomical even without the "walking X" appendage, and clearly constitute proof well beyond what should be required to motivate the President to perform his constitutional duty for an American who was 'ordered' into harm's way in the service to his country."